About Synergen Green Energy

Skeiron Group has launched a new venture known as Synergen Green Energy Inc., which is aimed at leading the energy market of the future. The company’s focus is on producing Green Fuels, namely Hydrogen and Ammonia, through innovative and collaborative approaches.

To realize this objective, Synergen Green Energy intends to establish green fuel production facilities across the United States and other locations in stages. This plan will involve partnering with top electrolyser manufacturers and leveraging wind and solar energy plants. Drawing on its vast expertise in renewable energy, the company seeks to increase production levels and expand operations rapidly.

Synergen Green Energy has set an ambitious target of achieving 3.6 GW of power generation capacity and producing 1,000,000 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) of ammonia by 2030. With this strategic plan in place, the company is poised to become a significant player in the green energy industry.


Our vision is to become the most sustainable and best performing world-class leader in Green Fuel Production.


Our mission is to establish a world-class green fuels (Ammonia and Hydrogen) production plant that is a forerunner in the industry and committed to meeting the growing demands of various industries, while being the supplier of choice for ammonia and hydrogen.

Transitioning green electrons to green molecules