Welcome to Hamilton County’s
newest industrial development.

Synergen is a state-of-the-art ammonia facility, which will be located in the existing industrial corridor along Highway 34 west of Aurora.

Read on to discover how Synergen is positioning Hamilton County (and the state of Nebraska) at the forefront of a technological revolution by adding new jobs, strengthening the agriculture industry and decreasing dependence on foreign imports.


One part nitrogen and three parts hydrogen, ammonia is commonly used as a fertilizer or fertilizer base that boosts agricultural efficiency and quadruples crop yields. Thanks to ammonia, farmers are feeding more families than ever before. Ammonia also serves as a key ingredient in manufacturing and industrial-scale refrigeration.


The ammonia plant will use water from onsite wells permitted by the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District. Extensive hydrological analysis by Nebraska firm Olsson Engineering demonstrates the plant will have a minimal impact on the site’s groundwater levels in a 25-year period. That study has been independently reviewed by the Natural Resources District and third-party consultants.

Local Impact

Adding long term jobs

The plant is expected to bring new permanent jobs to Aurora —
offering competitive pay and excellent benefits. Every long-term job created by an employer like Synergen typically adds two to three more jobs in the area. Plant life is expected to be 50 years or longer.

Reducing Foreign Imports

The Midwest imports about 1.2 million tons of ammonia each year, which represents 82% of ammonia consumption in the United States. Nebraska imports 60,000 tons annually. Synergen's 600 metric tons of daily ammonia production will help offset millions of tons imported from the Middle East, Russia and Trinidad.

Building Community Wealth

In the first year of operation, Hamilton County is projected to see more than $7 million in extra property tax revenue, benefiting local schools, county roads and more. The county is expected to benefit from more than $50 million in added tax revenue over 30 years.